Valentines day is coming up, so we're going to use that as an excuse to talk about orgasms. Not that we really need one. Here are some things you might not have known about the best experience you can have for free.


2. 史上最常自慰到高潮的時間是,六個半小時的女性以及八個半小時的男性。他們還真是充分運用時間啊。

The world record for the longest time spent masturbating to orgasm is 6 hours 30 minutes for a woman, and 8 hours 30 minutes for a man. Time well wasted.


3. 約有0.06%的男性可以只靠幻想就達到高潮,完全不用觸碰GG或身體其他部位。

About 0.06% of men can orgasm through fantasizing alone, without touching their penis or any other part of their body.


4. 根據研究顯示有48%時常頭痛的民眾能經由高潮解決頭痛,而且效果遠比止痛藥來得快。

A recent study found that 48% of regular headache sufferers had their pain cured by orgasm. Not only that, but it actually worked much faster than painkillers.


5. 有些女性在高潮後會暫時昏迷,甚至曾經發生過心臟衰竭、死亡的極少數案例。難怪法國人要將高潮稱為「小小的死亡 (le petit mort)」。

Some women faint when they orgasm and, in very rare cases, have had heart failure and died - which might explain why the French refer to orgasm as '/le petit mort/' (the little death).


6. 在二十世紀初,身為「家庭必須用品」的震動按摩棒就被發明出來了,其他家庭用品例如吸塵器和電子熨斗比它晚了十年才出現。

At the start of the 20th Century, the first electric home vibrators hit the market before many other household 'essentials' - people had to wait nine more years for the vacuum cleaner and 10 years for the electric iron.


7. 男人高潮過後,大腦會釋放讓身體疲累的化學物質 (包含催乳素)。

When men orgasm, their brains release chemicals (including prolactin) that can bring on tiredness. That's our excuse and we're sticking to it.


8. 一般來說,女性高潮可維持6到10秒,但有些幸運的女孩兒可以維持長達20秒。

The average female orgasm lasts between six and 10 seconds - although for some lucky girls it can last up to 20 seconds.


9. 進行「我♥女性高潮 (I ♥ Female Orgasm)」的性愛教育計畫的性愛教育學家Dorian Solot及Marshall Miller表示,約有1%的女性能夠只靠刺激胸部就達到高潮。

Sex educators' Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller, who run the 'I ♥ Female Orgasm' sex education programme on US college campuses, say that around 1% of women can orgasm from breast stimulation alone.


10. 在一段自慰時間中達到最多次高潮的紀錄是49次,在2006年由一位女性達成。

The most female orgasms achieved in a single masturbation session was allegedly 49, from a London woman in 2006.


11. 男人的高潮對大腦產生的影響,和海洛因對癮君子產生的影響相同。

Men's orgasms have the same impact on them as heroin on an addict's brain.


12. 少於三分之一的女性經常在愛愛時高潮,但是高於四分之三的男性每次都能從愛愛時達到高潮。但是重點來了,只要另一半在前戲花費21分鐘或以上,就有九成的女性能達到高潮!

Less than a third of all women regularly orgasm during sex, while three-quarters of men always do. But if their partners spend more than 21 minutes on foreplay, the stats zoom up to produce nine out of 10 fully satisfied women.


13. 根據一份最近的研究顯示,一個禮拜有兩次或以上高潮的男性比較長壽。

A recent study found that men who have two or more orgasms a week are likely to live longer.


14. 刺激G點能讓你對疼痛的忍耐度提升到107%。

Stimulation of the G-spot can raise your pain threshold by 107% at orgasm.