攝影師亞特沃夫 (Art Wolfe) 花費35年在全世界拍下許多人一輩子都沒看過的美麗野生動物,其中他最擅長「刻意讓動物隱藏在照片」中的拍攝手法。他以畢生心血捕捉到下列藏身於自然美景中的動物們,快來看看下列照片中你能找到幾隻動物吧! 

And finally, the man behind it all: This is Art Wolfe, the man with over three decades of travel and wildlife photography under his belt. Wouldn't a career like his be amazing?


1. 棲息地為加拿大曼尼托巴的柳雷鳥。

Can you spot the willow ptarmigan? Found in Manitoba, these animals fool predators with their white coats.


2. 另一隻棲息地為加拿大曼尼托巴的白尾雷鳥。

Another white-tailed ptarmigan hiding itself in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.


3. 棲息地為南非川斯瓦共和國的長頸鹿。

A giraffe in Transvaal, South Africa was captured hiding by legendary wildlife photographer Art Wolfe, who is responsible for all the photos on this incredible list.


4. 棲息地為蒙大拿森林中的野狼。

Try to find this wolf, peeking out from the trees in a Montana forest.


5. 棲息地為委內瑞拉的眼鏡凱門鱷。



6. 大雕鴞能利用羽毛顏色隨時隱身。

Great Horned Owls use color in their feathers to disappear when they need to.


7. 棲息地為美國喀斯特山脈的美國鼠兔。

An American Pika performs a vanishing act in the Cascade Range of Washington.


8. 棲息地為中南美洲貝里斯的藍冠鸚鵡。

Here, a Mealy or Blue-crowned parrot disappears like just another leaf in Belize.


9. 棲息地為納米比亞的角蝰蛇。

In Namibia, a horned adder matches the color of the sand, burying itself in a swimming motion.


10. 棲息地為南非的豹。

In South Africa, a leopard conceals itself in the vegetation.


11. 藏身於懸崖巢穴中的隼屬海東青。

A gyrfalcon taking a breather at their nest built on a cliff.


12. 加州地松鼠跟周遭環境完全融為一體。

A California Ground Squirrel blends in with the surrounding rocks.


13. 棲息地為美國俄勒岡州的烏林鴞。

Here, a Great Gray Owl positions camouflages in Oregon.


14. 棲息地為印度拉賈斯坦邦的公花鹿。

In Rajasthan, India, a male spotted deer disappears amongst the vegetation.


15. 在岩石間休息的日本獼猴一家人。

On Honshu Island, Japan, a family of Japanese Macaques disappear amid the rocks.


16. 棲身於喬貝國家公園的高角羚。

An impala hiding in vegetation in Botswana's Chobe National Park, Africa.


17. 你看得到藏在喀拉哈里沙漠中的獵豹寶寶嗎?

Can you spot the hidden cheetah cub in the Kalahari Desert?


18. 棲息地為美國明尼蘇達州的田鷸。

A Common Snipe, well hidden in the shoreline vegetation of a Minnesota stream.


19. 根據攝影師沃夫所說,他花了好幾隻小時才拍到這隻小鷸。

According to Wolfe, finding animals like this tattler chick, who often hide in plain sight, can take hours.


20. 在岩石上休息的夜鶯。

A nighthawk rests on rocks -- and happens to blend in completely.


21. 棲息地為美國華盛頓州的郊狼。

In Washington state, a coyote camouflages itself in the surrounding brush.


22. 兩隻山羚棲息於波札那。

Two Klipspringers camouflaged against a rocky outcrop in Chobe, Botswana.


23. 棲息地為巴拿馬的藍錐嘴鳥。

A well-concealed blue dacnis rests and hides in the foliage, somewhere in Panama.


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